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2020.03.03 | PhD defense, Health and disease, Public/Media

PhD defence: Anders Hostrup Larsen

Metformin treatment in heart failure patients: Myocardial energetics, whole-body metabolism, and cardiac uptake of metformin.

2020.03.03 | PhD defense, Health and disease, Public/Media

CANCELLED: PhD defence: Thomas Ravn Lassen

Cardioprotection mediated by exosomes in acute myocardial infarction.

Are you in doubt as to when you should communicate in English (as well)? Help is available in the faculty's new guidelines for the use of Danish and English. Photo: Amador Loureiro, Unsplash.

2020.03.03 | Administrative, PhD students, Health

Danish or English? Find the answer here

In English? Answering this question will now be easier with the help of Health’s new guidelines describing where and when we communicate internally at the faculty in Danish and English.

2020.03.03 | Seminar, Research, Public/Media

CANCELLED - Membranes Seminar

Dr. Lise Bankir, Directeur de recherche émérite INSERM, Centre de Recherche des Cordeliers, Paris, France, gives a talk entitled: "Two novel aspects of pars recta functions in the kidney: 1. Regulation of electrolyte transport by extracellular cAMP. 2. Evidence for secondary active urea secretion"

2020.03.03 | People news, Public/Media, Dandrite

Welcome to Thibaud Dieudonné, new postdoc in Poul Nissen's group

Thibaud Dieudonné has started in a postdoc position in Poul Nissen’s research group from March 2nd, 2020 to work on cryo-EM and biochemical studies of P4-ATPase lipid flippases. Thibaud will investigate the basis for lipid selectivity and the mechanism of lipid flippase activity of ATP8B1 that maintains asymmetric distributions of lipids across…

Denise Happ

2020.03.03 | Events, Research, All groups

POSTPONED: PhD defence by Denise Happ

PhD student Denise Happ from TNU will defend her thesis "Experimental investigations of depression and stroke as comorbidities".

Neuroscience Day 2020

2020.03.03 | Events, Research, All groups

CANCELLED: Neuroscience Day 5 May 2020: "Flowing Neuroscience"


2020.03.03 | Seminar, Research, Public/Media

CANCELLED - Membranes Seminar

Prof. Johannes Loffing, Institute of Anatomy, University of Zurich, Switzerland: "Small but mighty: The renal distal convoluted tubule"

[Translate to English:] fotograf: Søren Kjeldgaard; AU-foto

2020.03.10 | Administrative, Administration (Academic), All groups


Aarhus University will put out a number of cafeteria operations to tender. The cafeterias in question are those currently managed by Studenterhusfonden for AU. The university will also take over operation of the Student House. Based on this decision, Studenterhusfonden’s board has decided to ask the authorities for permission to dissolve.

2020.03.02 | Research, Public/Media, Emergency Medicine

AQAU24 finished inclusion with 1489 patients!

Under lead investigator, Marie Jessen, this project has been including patients with suspected infection the last 6 weeks. The aim is to investigate 24-hour fluid administration (oral and intravenous) in ED patients with suspected infection. All ED patients with blood venules or intravenous antibiotic administration within 6 hours of ED arrival…

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