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There is a trust in the healthcare system, but not in the AstraZeneca vaccine, says professor Søren Dinesen Østergaard. Photo: Martin Gravgaard.

2021.04.08 | Research

Popular support for the COVID-19 vaccination programme appears unaffected by the pausing of the AstraZeneca vaccine

The willingness to be vaccinated against coronavirus remains unchanged – at 89 per cent –after Danes learned of the reports of rare blood clots, which led to the AstraZeneca vaccine being paused. This is shown by a new study from Aarhus University.

2021.03.31 | Course

AU Summer Course - Translational Psychobiology

AU Summer Course in Translational Psychobiology for bachelor students organized by Professor at Department of Biomedicine, Jelena Radulovic

2021.03.31 | Event

Nobel Laureate Talk with Peter C. Agre

In this first ever Nobel Laureate Talk (more to come), Peter C. Agre, who won a Nobel Prize in 2003 for his groundbreaking discovery of aquaporins, will talk about the path to the Nobel Prize as well as topics including motivation, challenges, career paths and ethics – and the importance of working in different academic environments, both…

Image of Dongik Park.

2021.03.31 | People news

Congratulations to Dongik Park who has been appointed as Assistant Professor in Nykjær Group

As of 1 April, Dongik will start as Assistant Professor in Nykjær Group. He will continue his work on the roles of sortilin in emotion and memory associated with psychiatric disorders, using various tools including cellular/biochemical assays, animal behavioral analysis, and -omics technologies.

2021.03.30 | People news

Newsletter 42 from the Head of Department

Dear all, Here are spring impressions from IOOS.

2021.03.29 | All groups

Guild PGR Summer School

The University of Glasgow hosts the Guild PGR Summer School as an online event.

2021.03.29 | Course

Diabetes Research Symposium: Digital Health & Self-Management 26-27 May 2021

This 2-day symposium will introduce you to current research and evidence-based clinical work within digital health and self-management in diabetes. Focus areas are glucose management, and prevention and treatment of diabetes complications.

2021.03.26 | PhD defense

Virtual PhD defence: Simon Svanborg Kjeldsen

Activity distribution and circadian rhythm in patients with severe acquired brain injury

2021.03.26 | PhD defense

PhD defence: Sandra Maria Skovdal

Novel strategies to combat medical biofilms in the future

A new AIAS Associate Fellowship programme for both young international researchers and established researchers employed at Aarhus University has been launched. Photo: Maria Randima

2021.03.29 | All groups

Internally appointed AIAS fellows to support internationalisation

Every year, the Aarhus Institute of Advances Studies (AIAS) receives fellows from all over the world, who come to find space to immerse themselves in their subjects, make new relationships and make AU visible on global research stages. Now, 23 new fellows from AU will forge stronger links between AIAS and the university.

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