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55 new publications on clinical quality databases

2016.11.04 | Tina Christensen

Clinical Epidemiology has published a special Thematic Series consisting of 55 papers on the Danish clinical quality databases – an important and untapped resource for clinical research. The series of papers was facilitated by Program for Clinical Research Infrastructure (PROCRIN) and coordinated by Department of Clinical Epidemiology. The papers are authored by clinicians and epidemiologists who, on a daily basis, work with Danish clinical quality databases and care for patients whose data are recorded in those databases. These databases, many of which have been founded and initially operated by enthusiastic clinicians, are now in public domain. The medical databases typically cover all patients with a specific disease (e.g. colorectal cancer) or those undergoing a specific surgical procedure (e.g. hip replacement). The databases represent complete cohorts of patients with verified diagnoses, detailed clinical data, and possibility for complete and longitudinal follow-up. The series can be accessed here.

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