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Aarhus University granted DKK 90.5 million for equipment and research facilities

Four AU projects will receive funding from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science's pool for research equipment and research facilities. The Minister for Higher Education and Science has allocated a total of DKK 150 to nine projects.

2021.02.08 | Henriette Stevnhøj

Caption: The GIOS project has been awarded DKK 36.6 million from the research infrastructure pool for advanced equipment which can measure changes in the air, in the ice, on land and in water in Greenland. Photo: Andreas Ahlstrom.

Research infrastructure covers equipment and facilities such as computing power, databases, registers, test kits and all kinds of advanced equipment necessary to the performance of research. The research infrastructure pool has just awarded DKK 150 million to nine projects, four of which are headed by Aarhus University.

AU researchers are also involved in projects that are based at other universities.

The four projects at AU:

GIOS - Greenland Integrated Observing System
Amount: DKK 36,600,000
Research area: Energy, Climate and the Environment

ReWet - Wetland observatories for rewetting of drained peatlands
Amount: DKK 12,242,022
Research area: Energy, Climate and the Environment

SINCRYS - Single Crystal X-ray Diffraction Side-station at DanMAX
Amount: DKK 25,000,000
Research area: Materials and Nanotechnology

ACTRIS - Research infrastructure for Observation of Aerosol, Clouds and Trace gasses
Amount: DKK 16,713,027
Research area: Energy, Climate and the Environment

Read more about the ministry's research infrastructure  pool and the grants

This article is based on a press release from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.


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