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Aarhus University Hospital named Denmark's best hospital for the eleventh year running

Aarhus University Hospital was today awarded the title of Denmark’s best hospital by the Danish healthcare newspaper Dagens Medicin. The hospital wins the title because of the high quality of its patient treatment.

2018.12.14 | Anne West, AUH

Dean Lars Bo Nielsen congratulates Aarhus University Hospital on winning the title of Denmark’s Best Hospital. Photo: Michael Harder/AUH

Dean Lars Bo Nielsen congratulates Aarhus University Hospital on winning the title of Denmark’s Best Hospital. Photo: Michael Harder/AUH

For the eleventh year running, Aarhus University Hospital can proudly see itself named Denmark’s best hospital. Today, the specialist healthcare newspaper Dagens Medicin has named Aarhus University Hospital as winner of their competition to become Denmark’s Best Hospital.

Aarhus University Hospital won the category for university hospitals which covers the largest hospitals in Denmark. In this category, Aarhus University Hospital won first place, with Rigshospitalet in Copenhagen in second place, Odense University Hospital third and Aalborg University Hospital in fourth place.

Congratulations to AUH

Chairman of the Central Denmark Regional Council Anders Kühnau (Social Democratic Party), is impressed by Aarhus University Hospital.

“The hospital staff do a fantastic job every day for the patients and their relatives. I have the deepest respect for the work they do, and I would like to take the opportunity to congratulate the hospital on its achievement,” says Anders Kühnau.

Against the odds

Chief Executive Officer Poul Blaabjerg from Aarhus University Hospital is pleased that the hospital has been able to hold onto its title again.

“Our patient treatments maintain a fundamentally high-level of quality. It’s very impressive to see how our staff have managed to maintain this level during a time with tight budgets and issues to do with the relocation which have had a big impact on everyone’s everyday life,” says Poul Blaabjerg.

“We really must thank these employees – our highly skilled professionals – for this year's title. They have succeeded in maintaining the professionalism and commitment that characterises Aarhus University Hospital.

Quality of treatment most important

Aarhus University Hospital achieved ten first places among the seventy treatments and examinations that the hospital was assessed on as part of the competition. Moreover, the hospital also secured a series of second and third places.

Dagens Medicin has analysed all available national data on the quality of treatment provided by hospitals in Denmark. Data from the National Danish Survey of Patient Experiences (LUP) was also incorporated. The survey asks patients to rate how satisfied they were with their visit to the hospital.

But the decisive factor in deciding the best hospital in Denmark remains the quality of treatment which accounts for ninety per cent of the total, while patient satisfaction accounts for the final ten per cent. 

Aarhus University Hospital is number one in the large hospital category – both when it comes to quality of treatment and patient satisfaction.

Best in ten areas of treatment

Aarhus University Hospital was awarded first place within the following ten areas of treatment:

  • Geriatrics (diseases in elderly people)
  • Heart failure
  • Perforated ulcers
  • Cancer of the brain
  • Sarcoma (cancer arising in connective tissue and bones)
  • Melanoma (pathology)
  • Spinal arthritis
  • Lung cancer (surgery)
  • Bladder cancer (surgery)
  • Testicular cancer (surgery)

Further information:

  • Anders Kühnau, Chair of the Regional Council, Central Denmark Region, mobile: (+45) 2360 2768.
  • Poul Blaabjerg, Chief Executive Officer, Aarhus University Hospital, mobile: (+45) 5131 3506, email: poul.blaabjerg@rm.dk.
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