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Recruitment procedures need to be flexible

The evaluation of Health's new recruitment procedures shows the need for more flexible and simple procedures and faster processes for appointing new members of academic staff at the faculty.

2017.06.29 | Sabina Bjerre Hansen

A recently completed evaluation and revision shows that Health's new recruitment procedures for academic staff need to be more flexible and faster. Photo: Colourbox.

There is a need for more flexibility in working procedures and staff involvement, as well as approval processes, in order to ensure faster recruitment processes. This is one result of the evaluation which Health HR presented to the faculty management team last week. 

The evaluation also showed that time is a decisive factor in the appointment process, and it is therefore important that working procedures and processes do not slow things down. They need be simple and flexible.

The completed revision was entirely in line with the evaluation and showed that the following areas require specific continued focus:

  • Revision of assessment criteria
  • Better job advertisements 
  • New type of assessment templates
  • Clarification and elaboration of the purpose of assessments
  • Quality assurance of assessments

At the meeting, the faculty management team indicated that Health should work towards the introduction of shortlisting. There was also a wish to see work on the evaluation of the new recruitment procedures distinguish between appointments which are externally and internally financed, respectively, as this ought to lead to less exhaustive and less bureaucratic recruitment procedures for externally financed members of academic staff.

What happens next?

Work on the faculty's recruitment procedures and the follow-up on the evaluation is currently awaiting the senior management team's considerations in relation to academic staff appointments and the code of practice for recruitment that were presented and discussed at the management seminar at the Sandbjerg Estate in May 2017. 

A single adjustment of the recruitment procedures has already been implemented and the guidelines have been altered to clarify that it is only possible to reuse an assessment in exceptional cases.

Read more about the evaluation of the new recruitment procedures in the article Appointment procedures to be evaluated, and find out more about Health's new recruitment procedures in general in the two articles The new recruitment procedures at Health will soon come into force, and What will new recruitment procedures mean for you?

What is shortlisting? 

Shortlisting is a method for the selection of specific applicants for assessment and thereby deselection of other applicants on the basis of specific criteria. The method requires a very precise job description, so that there is a qualified basis for deselecting some applicants rather than others already before the assessment work begins. 


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