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Approaches to Personalised Medicine at Health

Talks by Niels Jessen and Deirdre Cronin Fenton.

2021.08.31 | Anne Hedemand

Date Fri 10 Sep
Time 13:00 14:30
Location Eduard Biermann (1252-204), The Lakeside Theatres, Aarhus University, Bartholins Allé 3, 8000 Aarhus C
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Niels Jessen, Departments of Biomedicine and Clinical Medicine

The concept of precision medicine in diabetes has evolved from an initial focus on individualized strategies and gene sequencing to a wider and more realistic notion that intends to convey the principle that subgroups of individuals with unique features may be increasingly defined and treated in more efficient ways. Diabetes is a much more heterogeneous disease than the present classification into T1D and T2D suggests, but the incomplete understanding of the pathogenesis behind diabetes and the impartial understanding of the mechanisms of action behind pharmacological interventions in diabetes therapy are major obstacles that need to be overcome before the promise of precision medicine if diabetes treatment can fulfil.

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Deirdre Cronin Fenton, Department of Clinical Epidemiology

Epidemiologic methods provide a rigorous approach to investigate the interplay between molecular, genetic, and pharmacologic factors and cancer prognosis. This webinar discusses epidemiological approaches to precision medicine in breast cancer, a disease with a long history of targeted therapy.

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