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AU employees to get free access to articles in Science Report

The independent web-based research media Science Report can now be read by all employees at Aarhus University, as long as they are located on the university campus.

2018.03.08 | Henriette Stevnhøj

There is now unrestricted access to the articles at Science Report, which is a Danish media about research.

A year ago, Denmark got a media with stories about politics, trends and results from the world of research. Aarhus University has now negotiated a subscription agreement that gives employees open access so they can freely read the articles.

Science Report, which is supported by the Danish Agency for Culture’s Innovation Pool, focuses on Danish research and on the consequences of changing political winds, as the web based media puts it on its website

Science Report also has a lively debate forum with contributions from people in the world of research. Among them Health's dean Lars Bo Nielsen, who has so far written about the universities' responsibility for research communication and about the conditions for research in a world with fake news and mistrust of research results.   

Science Report is published on an ongoing basis at www. sciencereport.dk and sends out a weekly newsletter. Register for the newsletter at www.sciencereport.dk

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