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AU’s digitisation strategy is now in place

Yesterday, AU’s digitisation strategy was adopted by the senior management team. With the digitisation strategy, the university sets a number of ambitious targets which will ensure that Aarhus University continues to keep up with digital development.

2017.01.26 | Marie Lærke Justesen

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The university’s ambition is to support the targets set in relation to improved teaching, learning, research and dissemination, in addition to a simplification of the administration, through the application of a wide variety of digital solutions.

The digitisation strategy has been prepared by a steering committee which has mapped the digitisation requests and requirements at AU in the course of 2016. Students and staff have contributed to this process and the work involved in specifying the local and shared requirements of the organisation.

The strategy is based on four overall targets for research, education, study and work environment as well as administration:

  • Digitisation in the area of research: Aarhus University must establish, develop and maintain digital facilities and expertise in order to maintain and consolidate its position as an internationally leading research university and its strong engagement in the development of society.
  • Digitisation in the area of education: Aarhus University must establish, develop and maintain digital facilities and competencies in order to increase use of Educational IT in its efforts to offer degree programmes of the highest international standard.
  • The university's digital study and work environment: Aarhus University will offer a digitally supported, attractive and inspiring environment for work and study which attracts and retains the best students and employees.
  • Digitisation of the university's administration: Aarhus University’s digital solutions must contribute to efficient, cohesive and professional administration, in order for students and employees to maintain their focus on the university’s core tasks.

Now the work involved in defining the specific initiatives begins. First and foremost, a so-called road map will be prepared during the spring of 2017. The first specific initiatives in connection with the strategy are defined and prioritised in this road map. In addition, the required organisation and financing of these initiatives must be in place. This work is anchored in the administration's management team, the Research Committee and the Committee on Education. The overall prioritisation across the areas of administration, education and research is carried out by the senior management team. The senior management team will also follow up on status and progress on an ongoing basis.

Read the digitisation strategy (in Danish. English version will soon be available). 
Read more about the digitisation strategy process (in Danish).

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