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AU Honorary Skou Professor Mini-Symposium

Wednesday the 9th of October at 09.00 Cecilia Lundberg conducts a Mini-Symposium with the focus “Developing next generation inducible GDNF gene therapy”.

2019.09.26 | Health Kommunikation

Date Wed 09 Oct
Time 09:00 10:00
Location Jeppe Vontilius, Lakeside Auditorium.

In the beginning of October, the first Skou Professors will be celebrated at the Honorary Skou Inauguration Day. To further celebrate this, the Personalized Medicine Research Theme has the pleasure of inviting to a Mini Symposium with recipient Professor Cecilia Lundberg.

Personalised Medicine, Department of Biomedicine, are the host of the Mini-Symposium.

Read further information and see the program of the symposium.


Projektkoordinator Anne Hedemand
Mail: anne@biomed.au.dk
Tlf.: +45 93 52 20 06

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