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AU students behind bestseller

For the third month in a row, the Danish e-book "Psykiatrisk Notesamling" (“Psychiatric Note Collection” in English) is the best-selling textbook in the iBook Store. The book is written by nine medical students from Aarhus University.

2015.09.24 | Ida Hammerich Nielson

Nine medical students have written the e-book "Psykiatrisk Notesamling", which is topping sales in the iBook Store.

Nine medical students have written the e-book "Psykiatrisk Notesamling", which is topping sales in the iBook Store.

What are the characteristics of the schizophrenic condition? How does electroshock work? And which psychiatric disorders occur in childhood? This and much, much more can be found in the e-book "Psykiatrisk Notesamling". Nine medical students from Aarhus University are behind the book.

"When studying psychiatry for the first time, you need to have an effective tool to repeat the psychiatric disorders. We have therefore written this psychiatric note collection to act as a supplement to the textbook and teaching. It is an advantage that the book is written by students, as we have a good idea of what concepts students don’t understand first time around," says Niels Okkels, one of the students behind the book. He has since completed his medical studies and now works at Aarhus University Hospital, Risskov.

The book has just been published in a second edition, and sales are booming at the start of the semester. The book sits atop the iBook Store bestseller list.

Take the book with you on your iPhone
In "Psykiatrisk Notesamling" you can find a review of psychiatric diseases, including psychoses and personality disorders, read about treatment options and learn more about the Danish Psychiatry Act. According to Niels Okkels, one of the reasons for the book's great success is its electronic form:

"Having the collection of notes electronically is a huge advantage. You can quickly click your way to the answers instead of using a heavy, coffee-stained paper compendium. You also have the chance to make notes in the book and you can very quickly copy and paste something and send it to your study partners," he says and adds:

"It’s also possible to highlight the text in different colours by swiping your finger over the words you want to highlight and you can take the book with you on your iPhone when you’re at the hospital.”


Psykiatrisk Notesamling can be downloaded for iPad, iPhone and Mac

  • The authors of the book are: Niels Okkels, Margrethe Bang Henriksen , Ole Köhler, Christina Blanner Kristiansen, Rasmus Beyer Mogensen, Butrin Morina, Dhillon Shanmuganathan, Kristian Toftegaard and Pernille Østergaard.
  • Editor: Niels Okkels
  • 217 pages
  • Price: DKK 69. Subsequent updates are free.
  • Published in 2015
  • Publisher: Apple


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