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Big Data conferences builds bridges to the private sector

On 13 November, researchers and practitioners will present new research results and projects at the BIG Data, BIG Impact conference hosted by Aarhus University

2014.10.12 | Lotte Fisker Jørgensen

The conference will highlight big data opportunities and challenges.

The conference will highlight big data opportunities and challenges.

Big data used to be just a buzz word describing a scenario for the future. But that was then. Today, big data is being used for mapping consumption patterns, traffic planning, flood risk assessment - and many other applications. Both private companies and public sector organisations have discovered the many possibilities Big Data offers.

In response to this, Aarhus University is bringing together big data researchers and practitioners at a major conference on developments in the area:

“A lot has happened with big data. There are a lot of opportunities, but there are also challenges. With this conference, we want to give participants insight into both, so they get new information and inspiration about how these technologies can be used,” says Professor Mogens Nielsen (Aarhus University) who is organising the conference.

At the conference, researchers and practitioners will present a number of cases together that explore how they collaborate to develop and apply big data. There will be presentations by COWI and Rambøll, COOP, the Danish Ministry of the Environment, software companies, and the Danish regions and municipalities that will give participants insight into the latest trends in Big Data research. 

Four top researchers in the field will also present various perspectives on big data.

A broad audience

The goal of the conference is not only to spread the latest knowledge about big data. Inspiration and networking are also on the agenda:

“The conference is also a forum where researchers and practitioners can meet and exchange ideas for new projects,” explains Nielsen. 

The target audience includes both researchers and representatives of private and public sector businesses and organisations with an interest in Big Data and its potential applications for the solutions of tomorrow.


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