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Blackboard is shutting down soon

On 31 October 2021, Blackboard will shut down for good, and the deadline for downloading any content you want to save is coming up soon. Read on for important information about how to download your content before Blackboard is shut down.

2021.10.08 | Sinne B. Jakobsen

On 31 October, Blackboard will be shut down for good. Graphics: Colourbox


Students can download their content from Blackboard either manually or with the Course Content Download tool, which automatically downloads content from the courses you select, after which the material is sent to you in a .zip-file.

If you want to use this option, please be aware that the deadline for downloading content using the Course Content Download tool is Friday 15 October at 23:59. You also need to take into account that a lot of students are using this tool, which means that there may be delays in sending your material.  Get instructions here.

After 15 October, you will still be able to download your content manually. You will be able to download content manually through 31 October 2021. Get instructions here.

Note: After 31 October, content from Blackboard will no longer be available. If you do not receive content requested using the Course Content Download function before this date, you will be contacted and informed about possible solutions.

All of the instructions on how to download material are available on AU Studypedia. Here you’ll also find more information about how to get off to a good start with Brightspace, AU’s new learning platform.

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