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Course evaluation is also included in Brightspace

Course evaluation will continue to be an integrated part of Aarhus University’s learning platform – even after the transition to Brightspace. But while the content of and process for course evaluations will remain the same, the user interface will look slightly different. This is because AU is now introducing the evaluation system Blue at all five faculties.

2021.08.30 | Sinne B. Jakobsen

Staff and students will be able to access their evaluations directly from Brightspace beginning in September. Photo: AU Photo.


AU’s new university-wide course evaluation system is called Blue. The system is already in use at Aarhus BSS and is now also being rolled out at the other four faculties. In future, this system will serve as the digital platform for all course evaluations across the university. The new evaluation system can be accessed directly from Brightspace, which means that course evaluation will still be integrated into the university’s learning platform, just as it was with Blackboard.

New user interface – same content

When lecturers switch to Brightspace and the new evaluation system, they will find that while the user interface looks different, its content and functionalities are the same. This means that the switch to a new system won’t entail any significant changes for individual lecturers or for the evaluation practice at the different faculties and degree programmes.

The system will still enable lecturers and/or course coordinators to enter their own questions directly into the evaluation system and adjust the evaluation period over the course of the semester. Both staff and students will be able to access their evaluations directly from Brightspace beginning in September.

In the coming weeks, lecturers will receive more information about autumn semester evaluations. It will also be possible to access online guides and get help from support staff.

Why AU is introducing a new evaluation system

  • The switch to AU’s new university-wide evaluation system is taking place  in connection with the transition to Brightspace, the university’s new learning platform. It’s necessary to introduce a new system because Brightspace doesn’t support the existing evaluation system currently in use at Arts, Health, Nat and Tech.
  • The choice fell on Blue as a university-wide evaluation system because there was a high degree of satisfaction with the system at Aarhus BSS, where it has been in use since 2015.
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