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Danish National Centre for Particle Radiotherapy will be cheaper than expected

The National Centre for Particle Radiotherapy came one step closer when Varian Medical Systems today was appointed as the supplier of equipment and services for the centre. The price of equipment and services is a third lower compared to the original budget.

2015.01.05 | Lotte Fisker Jørgensen

[Translate to English:] Etableringen af Dansk Center for Partikelterapi i Aarhus er rykket et skridt nærmere med valget af leverandør til udstyret. (Grafik: Projektafdelingen for Det Nye Universitetshospital (DNU))

The National Centre for Particle Radiotherapy came one step closer with the appointment of the supplier of equipment. (Graphics: The New University Hospital (DNU))

The deadline has expired – all bids have been scrutinised and the winner has been found: Varian Medical Systems has won with the most favourable bid to supply equipment and services to the Danish National Centre for Particle Radiotherapy. The total sum for equipment, installations and 10-year full service will amount to approximately DKKm 420 – DKKm 200 cheaper than the original budget.

From 2018, the National Centre for Particle Radiotherapy will treat patients with cancer from all over Denmark. All Danish children with cancer will have the possibility to receive radiation therapy at the new centre. The same applies to adult patients with cancer in the brain or cancer located close to the brain or spinal cord.

"We have a location for the construction of the centre, a highly qualified research environment and now also a contract with a highly specialised company, which can deliver the technique with the demanded high quality. It is beginning to take shape and it is great that we in three years can treat the first patient," says Bent Hansen, Chairman of the Regional Council in Central Denmark Region.

Varian Medical Systems is the world’s largest supplier of equipment for radiation therapy and has built a facility for proton therapy in Germany, USA, Russia and Saudi-Arabia.

A centre for particle radiotherapy is so complex that each facility is designed and built according to very specific needs. This means that the building around the accelerator can only be designed when it is known which equipment will be used. Moreover, there will be a long-standing collaboration between the supplier and customer. 

"We have focused on the long term economy of the winning bid and we are of course very satisfied that the price is below the original budget," Bent Hansen explains.

A.P. Møller og Hustru Chastine Mc-Kinney Møllers Fond til almene Formaal (The A.P. Møller Foundation) has donated DKKm 250 for the purchasing of equipment.

"The foundation is naturally satisfied that a competent supplier who can deliver the equipment at an attractive price has been found," says Henrik Tvarnø, Director of the A.P. Møller Foundation.

"But we are even more satisfied with the professional way the hospital, the region and the university have organised and completed the selection process," says Henrik Tvarnø.

Allan Flyvbjerg, Dean at Health, Aarhus University is pleased that a big step forward in the planning phase has been taken by selecting a supplier for the technical equipment.

"The National Centre for Particle Radiotherapy will offer Danish patients with cancer a more gentle treatment than today but the centre will also contribute through research and development with an even better cancer treatment in the future decades."

Even though the winning bid from Varian Medical Systems is cheaper compared to the original budget, Head Physicist at Aarhus University Hospital Ole Nørrevang vouches for the quality.

"We have received three very competent bids for the equipment; but the bid from Varian Medical Systems is the best in several aspects. We will get the equipment to ensure the best quality of the treatment for patients with cancer and I am confident we will have a fruitful collaboration about the running and technological development of the treatment," says Ole Nørrevang.

It is the plan to cast the foundation for the National Centre for Particle Radiotherapy in October 2015 and installation of equipment will start in 2016.

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