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Department Seminar

9 May

2017.01.05 | Zitta Glattrup Nygaard

Date Tue 09 May
Time 12:00 13:00
Location Biochemistry Lecture Hall


Speaker: Jeppe Prætorius

"On the choroid plexus oddity and why bicarbonate transport matters"     



The choroid plexus is the main source of cerebrospinal fluid and its epithelial cells transport solutes and water at a rate that is unsurpassed by other mammalian epithelia. The molecular machinery underlying this potent secretion has only been partly established. We have studied two striking features of choroid plexus transport machinery: the peculiar membrane targeting of key transport proteins, such as the Na,K-ATPase, and the expression of multiple bicarbonate transport proteins in the same cell type. The first feature relates to studies of the basic cell polarity of the choroid plexus epithelium by mapping various transport proteins, proteins in cell-cell contacts, cell polarity complexes, target SNAREs, and lipid membrane determinants. The second feature relates to studies on the expression and function of sodium-bicarbonate cotransporters in the choroid plexus epithelium and their suggested roles in intracellular pH regulation and probably in cerebrospinal fluid pH regulation.  


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