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Department Seminar

5 September

2017.01.05 | Zitta Glattrup Nygaard

Date Tue 05 Sep
Time 12:00 13:00
Location Biochemistry Lecture Hall 6


Speaker: Trine Mogensen

Title: "The genetic and immunological basis of primary immunodeficiencies and severe infectious diseases



In recent years, it has emerged that mutations in genes encoding proteins of innate or cell-intrinsic immunity may underlie primary immunodeficiencies in humans. In particular, the development in genome sequencing technologies has revolutionized this field and allowed identification of the genetic basis of a rapidly growing list of primary immunodeficiencies predisposing to increased severity of infections or, alternatively, infections with otherwise apathogenic microorganisms. Within the framework of our research program, we are aiming at the identification and functional characterization of novel genetic defects predisposing to severe viral infections in the central nervous system (CNS). In this seminar, I will highlight some of our previous and current studies on patients with severe CNS infections with herpesviruses, including identification of a defect in the transcription factor IRF3 in an adolescent with herpes simplex encephalitis as well as more recent work on defects in the innate cytosolic DNA sensor RNA Pol III in children with varicella zoster virus CNS infection.

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