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Agreement between rectors and the ministry

After several weeks of negotiation, the higher education minister and Universities Denmark (the Danish rectors’ conference) agreed on a new plan for resizing certain university degree programmes yesterday. The reduction of admissions by 3,500 Bachelor students will be maintained. This correspond to a reduction of approximately 2,400 Master’s degree students, which was the plan originally announced by the ministry.


In the new agreement, the reduction at both Bachelor’s and Master’s degree level will be phased in gradually, so that the reductions in admissions to Bachelor’s degree programmes begin starting in 2015, while reductions at Master’s degree level are delayed until 2018 and concluded in 2020. In addition, the universities will have greater freedom to decide which degree programmes are to be reduced.

“This is a significant reduction that will affect Arts in particular and to some extent BSS and ST. With the new agreement, however, we have achieved a result that is far better than the ministry’s original proposal. It’s absolutely crucial that the reductions are now to be phased in over a number of years, and that the universities will be allowed to decide which degree programmes are to be reduced in size. This means that it is now possible to take local considerations into account,” explains Rector Brian Bech Nielsen.   

AU will now negotiate the details of the implementation of the plan with the ministry. These negotiations must be concluded by 1 December.



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