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EPoS Meeting 2019

DCE is hosting the 2019 meeting of the European Polyp Surveillance trial group (EPoS) in Aarhus

2019.01.22 | Helle Vester

Date Fri 03 May
Time 09:00 15:00
Location Scandic, Aarhus, Denmark

Department of Clinical Epidemiology is hosting the annual meeting of the European Polyp Surveillance trial group (EPoS) on 3 May in Aarhus.

Around 40 international researchers are expected to participate in the meeting.

Rune Erichsen, MD, PhD is the principal investigator for Denmark.

About the study
The European Polyp Surveillance (EPoS) trial aims to address one of the most important unsolved challenges in the prevention of colorectal cancer; the surveillance of patients with premalignant polyps in the large bowel. The EPoS trial will randomize or register more than 27,500 Europeans to different surveillance colonoscopy intervals to disentangle the most effective surveillance strategy for the population. EPoS addresses a clinical problem affecting hundreds of thousands individuals in Europe and the US each year, it represents the largest trial in polyp surveillance ever conducted, and should thus provide definitive results.

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