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AU is going to be launching a new planning system shortly. The Faculties of Arts, Natural Sciences and Technical Sciences will be the first to use the new system. This is because the steering committee has decided to introduce the new system gradually at the faculties.

2020.02.27 | Camilla Schrøder


Originally, there was one deadline for the implementation – now there are two. Until now, the intention was for all faculties to transition to planning both classes and exams in the new system in the spring. Instead, the system will now be implemented gradually – both in relation to functionality and the faculties. This is the result of a decision made by the steering committee for AU’s new planning system.

The reason for the changes to the plan is that the testing of the system, training and the preparation of adjustments in the registration of data proved more time-consuming than expected and that the system’s functionality for exams did not meet AU’s demands at first.

A differentiated model for implementation will meet the different needs of the faculties.

In practice, this means that Arts, Nat and Tech will begin planning classes etc. in the new system after 30 April when the system will be made available for course administration.

In October, Health and Aarhus BSS will also join the system when it opens for planning of both classes and exams in the second phase.

The first timetables will be published this summer

Students and teachers at Nat and Tech can look forward to timetables in the new system for the autumn semester 2020. At the other faculties, the new timetables will be introduced for the spring semester 2021. Even though Arts will begin using the system in the first phase, the new timetables will not be used until the spring semester of next year. Arts plans further ahead in time, and therefore the autumn semester has already been planned in the current system.

The revised plan will not affect the project’s overall phase plan, which aims at a complete implementation of the system at all degree programmes by the end of 2020. After this, the steering committee will consider the further process with the gradual implementation of curriculum-based planning.

For more information, see the project site 

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