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The faculty celebration: They are coming - are you?

Are you the type who first signs up for parties once you know who else is definitely coming? Then here is a little insight into the list of participants for the faculty celebration on 5 May. The list currently includes 300 of your colleagues at Health. The final deadline for registering is 20 April 2017.

2017.04.20 | Lise Wendel Eriksen

300 of your colleagues have already signed up for the faculty celebration – the final deadline for registration is 20 April 2017.

Dinner from the Chemistry Cafeteria, free drinks until 22:00, partying and dancing until 02:00 and incredibly good company. This is what you can look forward to at the faculty celebration on 5 May 2017 in the S-Building at Fuglesangs Allé.

Tickets cost DKK 150 and must be purchased via the webshop. 300 employees have already signed up, but there is room for more in the S-Building, so you can still buy tickets – right up until the final deadline of Thursday 20 April 2017.

Who will be coming to the faculty celebration?

  • There’s a very good chance of running into someone from biomedicine, as 37 per cent of the party-goers come from Biomedicine.
  • The faculty's largest department, Clinical Medicine, provides almost a quarter (23 per cent) of the guests.
  • There’s also a good chance of dancing with the someone from the Department of Dentistry and Oral Health, as they provide 15 per cent of the participants.
  • Maybe you’re wondering whether there will be most academic staff or technical and administrative staff? The answer is academic staff – in fact they fill no less than 86 per cent of the S-Building.
  • Among the technical and administrative staff, AU Finance and Studies Administration are the ones who are ready to party. Together they represent half (48 per cent) of the guests from among the technical and administrative staff.
  • Is there a chance of dancing someone of the opposite sex? Yes, especially if you’re a man. 57 per cent of the party-goers are women.

 Want to alter the statistics? Then sign-up to attend the faculty celebration

If you have any questions about the event, please contact Nadia Høyrup O’Halloran from the Faculty Secretariat.

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