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The first step toward fewer usernames at AU

For a long time, both employees and students have wanted to able to log on to AU’s IT systems using fewer usernames.

2015.11.23 | Malene Hjulmand Bundgaard

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Since the mergers of the faculties and administrative divisions, AU IT has been working to establish a common IT platform for all users, computers and IT services at the university. One part of this process is a new common standard for usernames.This will make it possible to use the same username/password combination to access different systems, for example email, the wireless network, network drives and printing.

What to expect

When it’s your turn to have your new username activated, your local IT support team will send you an email with more information.  Your new username is the first step towards being able to use the same username for all of AU’s IT systems.

To begin with, you will still have to use different usernames/passwords for different AU IT systems. But over time, it will become possible to access more and more of the systems you use every day with the new username/password.


If you have any questions about your new username, you are welcome to contact IT support. Find contact information on www.au.dk/en/it.

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