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As of 1 januar 2017, you will receive mails from HR in your e-Boks

As of 1 January 2017, mail from HR regarding your employment at AU will be sent to your e-Boks.

2016.12.09 | Marie Lærke Justesen

Graphics: eboks.dk

You can read your digital mail either on borger.dk or in e-Boks.dk.

e-Boks also offers a free app to make it easy for you to access e-Boks from your mobile devices.

You have a legal obligation to be able to receive electronic mail from public authorities and institutions, including the university, and it is your responsibility to check your e-Boks. Once you have confirmed your email address in e-Boks, you will automatically receive an email when where is new electronic mail in your e-Boks.

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