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Medical cannabis and heartfelt stories; Health is ready for Denmark's Political Festival 2018

What carries most weight: Gripping anecdotes or evidence? Health invites you to a political debate about medical cannabis on prescription.

2018.06.12 | Henriette Stevnhøj, Anders Hylander (video)

Health invites you to a political debate about medical cannabis on prescription.

For the third consecutive year, a delegation from Health will travel to Bornholm in mid-June to expand networks, take part in panel discussions and debates and work to influence the health agenda. This year, Health is holding two events on AU's research vessel AUROA in Allinge Harbour.

The first event is a panel debate focusing on the political decision to allow doctors to prescribe medical cannabis – even though the drug has not been approved by the Danish Medicines Agency. The panel will include President of the Danish Medical Association, Andreas Rudkjøbing, Member of Parliament for Alternative, Carolina Magdalena Maier, Director General of the Danish Medicines Agency, Thomas Senderowitz, and actor and former cancer patient, Søs Egelind. Participants from Aarhus University comprise pain researcher and professor, Nanna Finnerup, and Helle Prætorius, professor from the Department of Biomedicine. Read more about the panel debate (in Danish): https://program.folkemoedet.dk/?search=cannabis

Health’s other event goes under the title "Heart in the right place” and revolves around the importance and significance of research into the treatment of heart failure. Much has happened in the field since Aarhus University Hospital carried out the first heart transplantation twenty-five years ago. Cardiologist and professor at Aarhus University Hospital, Hans Eiskjær, will be the speaker, while Sanne Støjko Jensen, who received a heart transplant as a child, will give a personal account. Read more about the event (in Danish): https://program.folkemoedet.dk/?search=hjerte

Both Health’s events will be held on the deck of AU's research vessel Aurora, which is the centrepiece for all of AU's activities at Denmark's Political Festival.

Denmark's Political Festival formally opens on 14 June and ends on Sunday 17 June. 

Read more about AU's participation in Denmark’s Political Festival (in Danish): http://medarbejdere.au.dk/strategi/tilbagevendende-events/folkemoedet-2018/

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