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Meeting for administrative staff members at noon on 22 October in the main hall

After the open meeting in the Main Hall at 10:00, the rector will hold a meeting for administrative staff.

2014.10.21 | medarbejdere.au.dk

Date Wed 22 Oct
Time 12:00 14:00
Location Aulaen

After the open meeting on the senior management team's decisions and the plan for the next stages in the problem analysis process, Brian Bech Nielsen will be hosting a meeting for administrative staff members in his capacity as the person with the ultimate responsibility for the administration. At this meeting, Brian Bech Nielsen will elaborate on the decisions that will specifically affect the administration. He will also answer questions from the audience and questions posed online.

The meeting will be held at 12 noon in the Main Hall. The rector’s presentation will be in Danish. A live stream of this meeting will be available on the university website.

Follow-up meetings for the employees will be held at the faculties. These will be announced on the faculty websites. 

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