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National collaboration to replace STADS gives AU more influence

The Ministry of Higher Education and Science and the eight Danish universities have decided to revise the plan for the national programme community working to find a replacement for the studies administration system STADS. The universities will get more influence under the new plan.

2019.10.07 | Camilla Schrøder

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The national programme community between the Ministry of Higher Education and Science and the eight Danish universities – also known as Kopernikus – will give the individual universities more freedom to design their own processes and organise the local implementation of the system in the future.

Going forward, the joint national task will consist of procuring the same system for all universities and making it functional in relation to national characteristics. After this, the individual universities will be in charge of the work to implement and establish processes.

The decision was made in order to create a better match between the studies administrative system and the individual university and in order to reduce the costs on national coordination. Aarhus University supports the decision.

The vision is the same. The aim of the national programme community is to find a system which will better support the students’ daily lives – and which is also technologically up-to-date and more economically sustainable than the current solution.

Aarhus University will continue to make an active contribution to the national collaboration on procuring a common system. The new line with more local ownership of the implementation means that Aarhus University can begin preparing for the reception of a new systems solution in the beginning of 2021 this autumn.

Once the new system is found, the work to determine common processes and working procedures at AU and to ensure that the new system will be adapted to daily life at Aarhus University will begin. At present, these changes are not expected to affect the time frame. The project is still expected to be completed in 2024.

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