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Need access to cutting edge IT-related research and trends?

Are you searching for the latest trends or research on IT-related topics for your paper or project/course or an IT project? Aarhus University offers free access to the online service Gartner CORE IT research to all AU employees and students.

2019.01.24 | Malene Hjulmand Bundgaard

Photo: Gartner

Gartner is a leading consultancy firm that provides independent research on IT-related topics and produce reports, opinions, case studies and best practice.  

With Gartner core IT research you get access to

  • Spotlights: reflections on topical customer issues based on different perspectives.
  • Special reports: reports on themes that range from research focused on technology and business, in-depth strategic analyses of trends and developments in industries, suppliers, products and services.
  • Published research: with a focus on companies, products, markets, decision models, tactical instructions, case studies and the basis for strategical decisions. 
  • Magic Quadrants: Information that can be used to understand a potential supplier. 
  • Hype Cycles: information on technological trends and products.

Read more about Gartner core IT research and find out how to logon. 

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