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New BA and MHSc Joining RUNSAFE

Bachelor student in physiotherapy Simone Glad, Master students in Sport Science Karen krogh, Nikolaj Rud and Søren Ditlefsen, Master student in Midwifery Anne Rosenbæk is all teaming up with RUNSAFE!

2015.09.21 | Rasmus Østergaard Nielsen

RUNSAFE is fortunate to, again, attact skilled, engaged and inquisitive bachelor- and masters students. In the Fall of 2015, the seniors and Ph.D. students are assisted by the following BA / MHSc students:

Simone Glad: Simone is bachelor student in physiotherapy at University College Lillebælt, Denmark. She works closely together with her supervisor, Camma Damsted, PhD student at Aarhus University, on a systematic review. Simone expects to hand in her bachelor thesis in December 2015.

Nikolaj Rud and Søren Ditlefsen: Nikolaj and Søren study sport science at Section for Sport Science, Aarhus University. In september 2015, they started their 60-ECTS Masters thesis. The thesis is expected to be handed in Summer 2016. Their thesis is oriented towards biomechanics. Specifically, they examine the validity of an accelerometer-based device called GaitEye. Their supervisor is associate professor Henrik Sørensen.
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Anne Rosenbæk: In September 2014, Anne began the master of midwifery at the University of Southern Denmark, from which she expect to graduate in June 2016. Her research is focussed on physical activities in pregnancy and in the puerperium. Her supervisors are Ellen Aagaard Nøhr and Rasmus Nielsen.
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Karen Krogh Christiansen: Karen is a sport science student at Section for Sport Science, Aarhus University. In her masters, Karen examines the beliefs and oppinions from athletes and their coaches regarding injury etiology. Daniel Ramskov, Camma Damsted and Rasmus Nielsen assist Karen in her endeavours. 
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