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New health partnership in the Central Denmark Region is ready

The three largest stakeholders in the Central Denmark Region’s healthcare system, VIA University College, the Central Denmark Region and Aarhus University, are now ready to present a new partnership for healthcare research and education – Human First.

2019.04.23 | Ida Skytte Asmussen

All across the region, people can look forward to prevention, treatment and care after, for example, a blood clot that will in future be based on the very newest knowledge.

This will become reality in the Central Denmark Region with the launch of the new partnership under the name of Human First which VIA University College, the Central Denmark Region and Aarhus University are behind. The three partners have joined forces in the healthcare sector to bring education, treatment and research even closer together than it is today.

"In the Central Denmark Region we’ve got a long tradition of collaboration, and now we’ll have the opportunity for professionals in the field to work together across the different organisations. The goal is to generate new knowledge and disseminate it, so it benefits the general population, while they at the same time meet more coherent prevention, treatment and rehabilitation pathways than is the case today,” says DMSc and Chief Medical Officer Per Jørgensen from Human First.

Kickoff with hearts and minds

Prior to a kickoff event on 2 May, a number of professionals from the three organisations have prepared two white papers which will form the basis for the first initiatives in Human First.
The initial focal points are people with diseases and brain injuries or people with rehabilitation needs, more specifically after heart diseases such as e.g. a blood clot.

"All three organisations are very focused on cardiovascular diseases, and we can still be better at knowledge creation and sharing," says Per Jørgensen before mentioning a specific example from the municipalities who are also involved in Human First:

"Today, there are nineteen different ways of dealing with cardiac rehabilitation in the nineteen different municipalities in the region. For example, in some places people are sent to gymnastics, while in others they are referred to a physiotherapist or offered dialogue. What we must do in Human First is conduct research into what works best and then make sure that this knowledge about the best form of rehabilitation is shared amongst the region as a whole."

Read more about the launch on 2 May (in Danish) in the Lakeside Lecture Theatres at Aarhus University.

Human First:

  • brings the 35,000 employees in the three institutions closer together.
  • is inspired by the King's Health Partners from London (among others). They will also be one of the speakers at the launch on 2 May.
  • not only focuses on the 1.2 million people living in the region, but also has an ambition to develop knowledge and solutions that can inspire others and be used around the world.


Chief Medical Officer, DMSc & spokesperson for Human First, Per Jørgensen
Telephone: (+45) 2066 3384
Email: per.joergensen@rm.dk


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