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New professor carries out research into acute conditions in general practice

Morten Bondo Christensen is new professor of general practice at Aarhus University. He conducts research into acute consultations in the healthcare system – ranging from less serious examples such as upper respiratory infections to more serious and acute examples such as strokes.

2021.01.12 | Sabina Bjerre Hansen

[Translate to English:] Morten Bondo Christensen håber, at det nye professorat kan øge forskergruppens muligheder for at gennemføre større projekter og opnå større fondsbevillinger. Foto: ??

Morten Bondo Christensen hopes that the new professorship can increase the research group’s opportunities to carry out major projects and secure large grants. Photo: Private

Professor Morten Bondo Christensen works with access to the healthcare system in the case of sudden illness and with the consultations which typically take place via telephone. For example, he and his research colleagues study the organisation of the emergency medical service, including contact patterns and conditions that may lead to delays in the patient being treated. This has, among other things, led to initiatives such as the “emergency access button” when contacting the emergency medical service by ringing 1813.

The newly appointed professor typically heads very practice-centred projects in which the results can relatively quickly and easily lead to changes in practice in the healthcare system. His research group is currently engaged in research projects on the use of video consultations in the emergency medical service, the blurring of tasks and changes in the pattern of contact to the primary health service during the Covid-19 epidemic. 

Morten Bondo Christensen, who took up his professorship at the Department of Public Health on 1 December 2020, is furthermore a general practitioner in Aarhus and is affiliated with the Research Unit for general Practice.


Professor & General Practitioner Morten Bondo Christensen
Aarhus University, Department of Public Health and
The Research Unit for General Practice
Mobile: (+45) 2332 1624
Email: mbc@ph.au.dk

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