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Newsletter 100 October 2019

Dear All This is newsletter number 100 - which is really great:-)

2019.10.31 | Thomas G. Jensen

Registration of SDD

The Staff Development Dialogues (SDD) are important, and I hope that everyone is well under way in having them. This year, we must carefully record who has had an SDD in 2019. As I know that many people do not use the AUHRA system to register SDD, I need your help: 

Please contact Jeannette Madsen (jepe@biomed.au.dk) no later than 18/11-19 if you have not had/have been summoned to an SDD in 2019.


Department Day 

The management team and I would like to invite all of you to Department Day on 10 December 2019 at 11.30-15.00. At the meeting, we will start with a sandwich, after which an evaluation of the department will follow as well as a review of the initiatives that are to come. In addition to the academic content, the Department Day is also an opportunity for us to meet across the department.  


Tips for the good grant application

Caroline Ang from the University of Bath will hold a presentation on Thursday, 7 November 2019 at 1 pm. Read more here.


Organisation of the Bacteria room – who wants to get involved? 

We need help to get the Bacteria room in the Skou building organised. The room has many users, and it is important that we get it organised in a way that makes most sense to everyone. This task requires your help. Please contact Thomas Corydon (corydon@biomed.au.dk) if you wish to help.  


Signage and announcements 

At the house meeting in the Skou building, places for academic and social announcements were in demand. We are working on the following solutions: 

- Information screens: Please send announcements to Zitta Nygaard (zitta@biomed.au.dk). We are working on the guidelines.  

- Elevator: There will be a solution where you can post announcements without tape in the elevator.  

- Whiteboard in the canteen

We also work on a template for the signage to the individual floors/wings in the Skou building. Please obtain the template from Jeannette Madsen (jepe@biomed.au.dk).


Friday Bar in the Skou building 

More information will follow. Everyone from the department is welcome. Please contact Christian Holm if you will help with the organization.


Lockers in the Skou building 

We are working on getting more lockers. So far, we would like to refer to the lockers on level 0, next to the canteen. 


TAP-competency funds - new deadlines 

Please note the new deadlines for TAP-competency development:  1 March, 1 June, 1 September, 1 December. Read more here http://biomed.medarbejdere.au.dk/personaleforhold/efter-og-videreuddannelse/tap-kurser-ansoegningsskema-regler-for-stoette/)

News about academic positions

Ebbe Bødtkjer has just been appointed professor at the department. He was one of the applicants for the professorship, which was advertised last year, where we had 92 applicants. Congratulations to Ebbe.


Søren Moestrup has returned to the Department from 1. October after 5 years at SDU. We're happy to have him back full time.


News regarding innovation

It is going very well for several of the biotech companies started by researchers of the department. Most recently, the company Draupnir Bio (Simon Glerup, Camilla Gustafsen and Peder Madsen) has received DKK 225 mill. from various investors. Earlier, among others, NMD Pharma (Thomas Holm Pedersen, Claus Olesen and Ole Bækgaard) and STipe Therapeutics (Martin Roelsgaard and Claus Olesen) have received investments for more than DKK 100 mill. Overall, companies started by department researchers have raised nearly DKK 800 mill.   


Best regards


Thomas G. Jensen

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