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Personal study portal for students at Health

Countless logins and getting lost in AU's study administration systems are a thing of the past. From 1 November, all students at Health will have their own single personalised access to all relevant information about their degree programme at mitstudie.au.dk

2017.11.02 | Lise Wendel Eriksen

With mitstudie.au.dk, all students at Health will have personalised access to their digital study environment.

Digital student life will now be easier and more straightforward for the students at Health. In future, when students log onto mitstudie.au.dk, they will meet a website where all information is gathered and adapted to them personally.

Mitstudie.au.dk gives the students access to:

  • A list of the courses they are registered for.
  • The three most recent messages from Blackboard.
  • The applicable academic regulations and the degree programme diagram.
  • News, events and the most important sub-sites on the study portal.
  • Several different study administrative systems such as mit.au, STADS, the Digital Exams system and their AU email account.

In the longer term, mitstudie.au.dk will be integrated with the shared timetabling system so that students will also be able to see their own timetable here.

All information on mitstudie.au.dk is taken from existing systems such as BlackBoard, EDDI, and the study portal for Health. As a member of teaching staff or administrative staff, you simply need to update and distribute material for the students exactly as you usually do.

If you have questions about mitstudie.au.dk: 

  • If students ask questions about the content of mitstudie.au.dk, you can always find help at Health Study Administration.
  • If you or the students have any questions about the site itself, please send them to support at mitstudie@au.dk.
  • If you have any log-in problems or similar difficulties, IT Support at Health can help you.

Mitstudie.au.dk will gradually be implemented throughout AU. Now it is Health’s turn. See screenshots and read more about mitstudie.au.dk on the staff page.

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