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New agreement on holiday/time off in lieu also affects some employees at AU

The parties to the collective agreements in the public sector have entered into a new agreement on special rules concerning holiday during the shutdown of public sector workplaces. This also affects some employees at Aarhus University.

2020.04.01 | Sys Christina Vestergaard

In the current situation, the majority of the employees at Aarhus University are working remotely. However, some members of staff have job functions which cannot be solved remotely. This new agreement applies to these members of staff. The same also applies to members of staff who have significantly less tasks to solve.

In accordance with this agreement, these groups of employees can be directed to take holiday/time off in lieu at one day’s notice. This means that employees who do not solve work-related tasks during the entire period from 28 March to 13 April or during parts of this period must take up to five days of holiday/time off in lieu. This may be holiday or special days of holiday which the employee has not yet taken. Or it may be time off in lieu etc. Childcare days and any agreed senior days (days off for older members of staff) may also be used – if requested by the employee.

Based on a dialogue with the employee, the immediate supervisor of the employees affected will decide which type of time off should be used and when it should be taken. The time off must be taken as whole days off, preferably around Easter.

Holiday, special days of holiday or time off in lieu which the employee has already taken in the period 13 March - 27 March 2020 will be included in the calculation of the up to five days of holiday/time off in lieu.

Read more on the Danish Ministry of Taxation and on the Medarbejder- og Kompetencestyrelsen websites (in Danish).



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