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New word and powerpoint templates for AU staff

On 24 April 2017, AU IT will upgrade AU’s Microsoft Office template solution. The AU templates make it possible and easy for all AU employees to create Word documents and PowerPoint presentations in accordance with the university’s design programme including the use of the logo and seal.

2017.04.10 | Marie Lærke Justesen





What’s new?
• The PowerPoint standard template has been redesigned.
• The Word templates have been redesigned, and more new templates will be available soon.
• The templates contain the logo and seal for each individual unit in accordance with the decisions made by the faculties.
• Improved user experience for Mac users.
• Libraries are available for images, standard presentations and text elements.
• The solution is cloud-based which means that it only requires internet access to download the templates.

How to access the new templates
The new template solution, Templafy, is cloud-based. If your PC is not joined to the UNI domain, or if you use a MAC, you can access the templates via office.au.dk.

If your PC is joined to UNI domain, the template solution will be an integrated part of Word and PowerPoint, and the current template solution, SkabelonDesign, will be upgraded automatically to Templafy.

SkabelonDesign will be removed from all computers and can no longer be used. Further information and support: At Staff service, you can find information about the new template solution including video guides on how to use the templates. You can also find contact information if you need support.

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