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How does a forensic pathologist work? Can maths be beautiful? Are selfies superficial? These are some of the questions you can get answers to from Aarhus University researchers at the Festival of Research in Stakladen on Thursday 27 April. Bring your friends and family – the event is free.

2017.04.20 | Ida Hammerich Nielson

[Translate to English:] Kom tæt på forskningen til Forskningens Døgn. Foto: Lars Kruse

Find out how fruit flies are helping us find a cure for Parkinson’s disease. Check out 3D-printed models. Learn why Denmark is the world’s least corrupt country. And get your eyebrows singed at the Physics Show, which presents science with a bang.

Aarhus University invites you to explore the world of research with all of your senses at the Festival of Research in Stakladen. Over 30 researchers will be presenting their research in a fun, accessible way, with speed lectures, exhibits and live experiments.

Examples of activities: 

Death in Denmark

A cloud of hail flies through the air and kills a bandit. A street brawl ends with a dagger in the heart. A serial killer crawls through a window and chokes a young woman. Each victim bears traces of the cause of death. Meet a forensic pathologist who is involved in a research project on Death in Denmark, 1992-2016.

The beauty of mathematics

Maths is not just about numbers. PhD students from the Department of Mathematics will use glass sculptures to demonstrate why maths is about more than numbers – and how maths can be beautiful.

Are selfies superficial?

Selfies are popular, but many people consider them to be an expression of narcissism and self-involvement. Meet a researcher who is exploring the history and function of the selfie – and who thinks that selfies can teach us to appreciate our bodies and appearance in a new way (in English).

Read more about the Festival of Research at Aarhus University

The Festival of Research is the Ministry of Higher Education and Science’s annual nationwide knowledge festival. Each year spring, the festival offers over 600 events to more than 75,000 visitors around Denmark. Read more at www.forsk.dk(in Danish)

The Festival of Research at Aarhus University
Time: Thursday 27 April 2017 14:00-18:00
Venue: Stakladen and adjacent rooms

Website: www.au.dk/fd

For further information, please contact: Charlotte Boel, cbo@au.dk, 8715 3038/3069 8081



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