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Researchers from Health receive DKK 23,5 million from the Carlsberg Foundation

Five researchers from the Department of Biomedicine and three from the Department of Clinical Medicine received the good news that they are among the recipients of the Carlsberg Foundation's recently awarded grants to support visionary basic research in Denmark.

2021.12.09 | Lise Wendel Eriksen

Eight researchers from Health will share around DKK 23 million from the Carlsberg Foundation. Photos are retrieved from the researchers' pure-profiles.

This year, the Carlsberg Foundation is awarding DKK 456 million to far-sighted and innovative researchers at Danish universities. From this funding pool, researchers from Health are receiving a total of DKK 23,490,206 to be used on projects as diverse as mindfulness, CRISPR screening and digitisation of natural history collections.

Our researchers have mainly received research grants within the ‘Research infrastructure' category, which focuses on strengthening research collaboration across research groups and supporting the most outstanding basic research at the universities.

Here are the recipients from Health:

  • Associate Professor Felicity Mae Davis, Department of Biomedicine: DKK 5,188,922 – “Infrastructure for rapid multiscale imaging of thick biological samples”
  • Professor Robert Fenton, Department of Biomedicine: DKK 153,000 – “High throughput ultrasonic cell lysis and sample preparation system”
  • Associate Professor Peter Lindberg Nejsum, Department of Clinical Medicine: DKK 65,477 – ”Rapid evaluation of transfection efficiency using ZOE fluorescent cell imager”
  • Professor Jacob Giehm Mikkelsen, Department of Biomedicine DKK 5,776,310 “Fluorescence activated cell sorting in genome-scale CRISPR screening for dissection of biological pathways and intracellular signaling circuits”
  • Associate Professor Vladimir Matchkov, Department of Biomedicine: DKK 1,772,000 – ”Ultrasound for phenotyping core facility: cardiovascular characterization”
  • Associate Professor Markus Rinschen, Department of Biomedicine: DKK 4,708,699 – ”Metabolic modulation of podocyte mechanotransduction”
  • Associate Professor Henrik Lauridsen, Department of Clinical Medicine, Comparative Medicine Lab: DKK 4,975,798 – ”From archives to answers – quantitative digitization of natural history collections”
  • PhD student Anne Maj van der Velden, Department of Clinical Medicine, Center of Functionally Integrative Neuroscience (CFIN): DKK 850,000 – ”Dynamic modes of mind: a novel approach to understanding the neural dynamics of mindfulness, rumination and psychological flexibility”

This coverage is based on press material from the Carlsberg Foundation.

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