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Watch out for the trams

Aarhus Letbane has begun test-driving the new trams in central Aarhus. The test route is currently expanded from the University Hospital in Skejby to Aarhus Central Station via Olof Palmes Allé, Nehrus Allé, Randersvej, Nørrebrogade, and the harbour front.

2017.06.02 | Marie Lærke Justesen

The new trams are now a major part of the traffic system in Aarhus – and this requires your attention. Pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists need to get used to a new vehicle, which is fast and quiet, weighs 50 tons, and cannot steer clear of obstacles.

On the entire test route from the University Hospital to Nørreport, the tram will drive on its own track in the middle of the road, but it crosses several other roads and pedestrian crossings on the way. On the test route along the harbour front between Nørreport and DOKK1, the trams even share the space with pedestrians and cyclists.

Trams will as all others comply with speed limits and traffic lights on the entire test route. If all other pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists do the same, there will be no conflict with the trams. Hence, for your own safety, Aarhus Letbane urges everyone to comply with traffic rules and to exercise caution near the light rail system:

  • Respect light signals – if you drive past yellow or red lights, you risk colliding with a tram.
  • Always use pedestrian crossings when crossing the tram tracks.
  • Look out when crossing the tracks – trams can come from both left and right.
  • Never walk along the tram tracks – a tram is quiet, easy to overhear, and wider than the tracks.
  • Cyclists should always cross the tram tracks perpendicularly – otherwise, your bicycle wheel might get caught in the tracks.

The test-drives are performed in order to ensure that everything runs perfectly, when Aarhus light rail system opens on Saturday September 23rd.

Read more about Aarhus Letbane (in Danish)

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