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Signe Mosegaard receives an EliteForsk travel grant

PhD student Signe Mosegaard is one of this year’s recipients of the coveted EliteForsk travel grants. She conducts research into the interplay between the immune system and metabolism in patients with congenital metabolic diseases. The grant gives her the opportunity to learn new high-tech analysis techniques in Amsterdam and Munich.

2020.02.28 | Lise Wendel Eriksen

[Translate to English:] The EliteForsk travel grant ensures ph.d.-student Signe Mosegaard access to some of Europe's best scientific environments within congenital metabolic diseases. Photo: Private

The Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science awards twenty Elite Research Travel Grants to promising and talented researchers annually. One of them is PhD student Signe Mosegaard from the Department of Clinical Medicine. In her research, she investigates how the metabolism affects the immune system – in particular during illness – in patients with congenital metabolic diseases. Genetics play a crucial role for these patients, and this area is therefore also the focal point of Signe Mosegaard’s research.

She is particularly interested in advanced gene-analysis methods that require highly-specialised equipment. With the EliteForsk travel grant of DKK 200,000, she can extend her research stay at Amsterdam University Medical Centers in the Netherlands, where she can utilise the centre's strong metabolomics facilities. The travel grant will also be used for a shorter stay in Germany at Research Group Genetics of Mitochondrial Disorders at the Technical University of Munich, where the goal is to learn new and innovative techniques for genetic diagnosis of hereditary metabolic diseases.


PhD student Signe Mosegaard
Aarhus University, Department of Clinical Medicine -The Research Unit for Molecular Medicine
Mobile: (+45) 2083 5507
Email: signe.mosegaard@clin.au.dk

The coverage is based on press material from the Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

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