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Students from Utrecht University visit PROMEMO and DANDRITE

On November 15 2018, 90 talented students from the Science Honours Academy, University of Utrecht will visit PROMEMO and DANDRITE.

2018.10.29 | Frederikke Schmidt-Kallesøe

Date Thu 15 Nov Mon 15 Oct
Time 00:00    00:00

The Science Honours Academy brings together students from different disciplines within the Science Faculty of Utrecht University in order to engage them in a broad range of challenging experiences. This interdisciplinarity allows for the students to see how their field of study relates to other scientific disciplines. 


The visit to PROMEMO and DANDRITE is part of the Science Honours International Trip in which the students visit a famous European university city and visit its research institutes. In 2015, the destination was Copenhagen and this time around it is Aarhus, PROMEMO and DANDRITE's turn to welcome and hopefully impress the talented Dutch students.


Visit sciencehonours.sites.uu.nl to read more about the Science Honours Academy and the Science Honours International Trip. 

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