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What you need to know as an Adobe user

Aarhus University has entered into a licensing agreement with Adobe which means that we can install Adobe Acrobat DC on all AU computers free of charge. You can find answers to the most frequently asked questions here.

2015.09.21 | Malene Hjulmand Bundgaard

How do I get Acrobat DC?

You can order the license free of charge in the IT webshop. Find your IT webshop here.

Can I get other Adobe programs?

Yes, but these licenses are not free of charge. Other Adobe programs can also be ordered in the IT-webshop.

As a general rule, it makes most sense to order a complete Adobe Creative Cloud for teams if you need two or more Adobe software packages. Click this link www.adobe.com/dk/creativecloud/catalog/desktop.html to see the contents of the complete software package.

What is the difference between renting your license and owning it?

Adobe has changed its licensing model which means that you can now rent Adobe software instead of buying it. The license is valid for one year at a time – for now this means that the license is valid from 8 July 2015, which is the time when AU entered into the agreement, and to 8 July 2016. You will pay rent for the license from the day you acquire Adobe software and until 8. July. Therefore, you will experience that the cost for renting will decrease as we approach 8 July, because you only have to pay for the remaining number of months.

Rented licenses (besides Acrobat DC) will automatically expire on 8 July. You will be notified that it is time to renew your license, if you wish to do so.

Can I use my old license which I have bought and own?

Yes. If you have bought an Adobe license previously, you can still use it. If you get a new computer, you can also transfer the license. However, it is important that we ensure that it is reinstalled with the same version number. If you want to transfer your license to a new computer, the software must be uninstalled from your old computer unless you scrap your old computer. IT Support will need documentation of the license purchase e.g. in the form of an invoice or an email receipt.

Any other questions?

Please contact your local IT Support. Find contact information on au.dk/en/it.

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