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Information on possible strike action at AU

It appears that the likelihood of a general strike is increasing –a strike which might apply to some employees at Aarhus University.

2018.03.02 | AU HR

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In the event that the strike becomes a reality, an overview of the affected employees will be announced by Tuesday 8 March, when unions are expected to issue a strike notice for selected trades and professions if a decision is made to strike. The Agency for the Modernisation of Public Administration may respond to a strike notice with a lockout.

On the FAQ page on the OK18 collective agreement negotiations, you will find information about how the general strike or lockout will affect AU employees – including who the strike/lockout applies to, when it will start, what it will mean for the employees affected, and more. The page will be updated on a regular basis as the OK18 collective agreement negotiations develop.


If you have specific questions about the effects of a strike/lockout on you and your employment conditions, you also have the option of contacting your trade union or your local union representative.

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