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Survey of sexually offensive behaviour at universities to be launched

The universities in Denmark are very committed to preventing sexual abuse and offensive behaviour towards students and to helping victims in the best possible way. To aid in this, the universities are now launching a questionnaire survey.

2018.05.07 | Signe Schou

Photo: Anders Trærup

Universities Denmark and the National Union of Students in Denmark have decided to investigate the nature of sexually offensive behaviour towards university students.

University students will be invited to take part in a questionnaire survey which is intended to provide more knowledge about the contexts in which sexually offensive behaviour takes place and the nature of that offensive behaviour. The survey is aimed at students who have experienced sexually offensive behaviour during their studies.

The purpose of the survey is to provide the universities with information on the areas in which it is important to take action to eliminate problems in relation to various types of sexually offensive behaviour. The universities will use the results of the survey in connection with their ongoing efforts to create a good and safe academic environment for all university students.

On 3 May, a link to the questionnaire survey will be sent in an email to all university students. The email will be sent to the students’ university email address.

At Aarhus University, you can always contact your student counsellor if you have experienced offensive behaviour. The questionnaire is anonymous and cannot be traced back to the individual student. This also means that it will not be possible for the university to offer help to victims on the background of the questionnaire.

It will be possible to complete the survey until 17 May.

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