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What students need to do in order to comply with GDPR when using other people’s personal data in assignments

If a student collects personal data on others for use in an assignment, she must comply with the personal data protection rules in the GDPR. They can get help from a new GDPR website for students.

2019.02.05 | Malene Hjulmand Bundgaard

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If a student collects personal data, for example from test subjects or through a questionnaire for use in an assignment, that student is responsible for the collected data. This means that the student is responsible for:

  • obtaining consent from the participants
  • complying with the rights of the data subjects
  • storing the collected data in a safe manner
  • describe the purpose of the data collection in a so-called ‘record of processing activities’.

Get help and guidance on the new website about GDPR for students.

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