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Your mailbox is to be moved, and will be better protected

Over the next six months AU IT is moving all mailboxes at AU to the cloud, and is introducing two-factor authentication. Before the transfer you must install and activate two-factor authentication yourself, in order not to lose access to your email and calendar. You will receive detailed information and guidance before your unit is transferred.

2019.03.14 | Louise Asmund-Hjorth

Graphic: Microsoft

Aarhus University is now taking the first step in the use of Office 365, and is moving all mailboxes to the cloud. In connection with the move, two-factor authentication for email and calendar is being introduced as part of the upgrading of IT security. The move will take place continuously over the next six months, one institute/unit at a time. See when your unit is to be moved here.


AU IT provides detailed information, guidance and support

14 days before your unit is moved and up until the actual move, you will receive a number of emails containing detailed information on installation and activation of two-factor authentication. At the same time your local IT Support will be ready to provide help both before and after the move.


Activate two-factor authentication to continue your access to your mailbox after the move.

Two-factor authentication takes place using an app on a smartphone, or a so-called ‘token’ – a type of electronic code card for use if you don’t have a work mobile and don’t wish to use your private phone. Before the move you must install the app and activate the two-factor authentication yourself. If two-factor authentication is not activated before the move you will temporarily be cut off from your mailbox immediately after the move.


After the move you will have to specifically log in to your email and calendar

When the app has been installed, two-factor authentication has been activated and your mailbox has been moved, you will in future need to regularly log in to your email and calendar with a username and password, and then confirm your login with your smartphone or your token. This is a necessary initiative to increase data security at AU.

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