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Zombies, a do-it-yourself chemistry show and speed lectures: Experience AU research in your own living room

Do your own chemistry experiment. Delve into the history of epidemics in the Steno Museum’s basement. Follow a horror researcher into the darkness in the zombie land “Haunted House”. The Festival of Research at Aarhus University will take place virtually. Take part Wednesday 28 April from 14-20 and learn about the world around you – at home.

2021.04.23 | Ida Hammerich Nielson

The DYSTOPIA Haunted House in Vejle offers a tour de force of horror and fright. But why do humans even seek out horror and the uncanny? Follow horror researcher Mathias Clasen (on the right) into the zombie house on a search for answers. Photo: Dystopia Entertainment

Curator Morten Arnika Skydsgaard is displaying a “Memory House” from Zimbabwe. During the AIDS epidemic in Africa, parents made these types of houses to teach their children how to ‘keep house’ when the parents were dead. Hear more about the history of epidemics during the Festival of Research. Photo: Hans Plauborg

Normally, Aarhus University holds the Festival of Research in Stakladen.

But this year we’re coming to your home.

Because of Covid-19, the Festival of Research 2021 will take place virtually. This means that on Wednesday 28 April from 14 to 20 you can learn about interesting research at home – and it’s all free.

The virtual Festival of Research includes a number of videos with shows and guided tours, which you can see when it is convenient for you. For example, you can bring out your inner chemist and let yourself be guided by the students from the Chemistry Show to create interesting and safe chemistry experiments at home. Or you can go into the basement of the Steno Museum on a guided tour through the history of epidemics from the Black Death to Covid-19. Here you can listen to Curator Morten Arnika Skydsgaard explain why the organisation and cohesion of a society has always had major influence on fighting epidemics. Visit the frightening “Haunted House” with horror researcher Mathias Clasen and hear about why we need thrills, frights and horror in our lives.

49 researchers will make your smarter through speed lectures on Zoom.
In addition to the videos with shows and guided tours, the virtual Festival of Research at Aarhus University consists of 73 live-streamed speed lectures from 14 to 20. Here you will find enthusiastic AU researchers ready to communicate their research via Zoom – and you can ask questions in the chat.

The speed lectures are about everything from Grundtvig to GameStop stocks – some of the possible choices are:

·        Visit the coldest place in the universe

·        Nature and nurture – why are humans different?

·        False negative? Understand the terms behind the Covid-19 tests

·        Can music relieve insomnia?

·        Doggerland – a forgotten historical landscape concealed under the waves of the North Sea

Find the entire program and read more about the virtual Festival of Research at www.au.dk/fd, where you can also sign up for the event and receive newsletters, etc.

Contact person: Charlotte Boel, email cbo@au.dk, mobile 3069 8081.

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