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2014.03.05 | Conference, All groups, All AU units

Diagrams in Language: Iconicity, Schema, Space

This symposium will feature international scholars representing a range of disciplines including linguistics, cognitive psychology, experimental semiotics and general model theory to discuss the relation between semantics and spatial representation.

Today and tomorrow, Health’s heads of department and SKT’s head will inform all employees about the general consequences of the budget cuts for the relevant department/SKT.

2014.01.16 | Academic staff, Health, Administrative

Work on the cost reduction plans will now begin locally

During the course of the week, meetings have been held in Health’s local liaison committees. In the period leading up to 31 January, the specific cost reduction plans will be drawn up. Today and tomorrow the department heads and SKT’s head of school will inform their employees about the overall consequences of the budget cuts.

The Danish Accreditation Council has just approved the degree programme, which starts its first class of students in September 2014.

2014.01.20 | Education, All groups, Health

Denmark gets its first Master’s degree programme for opticians

Opticians can for the first time further their education here in Denmark when Aarhus University establishes the first Master’s degree programme in optometry and vision science this summer. The degree programme, which has just been approved, will give opticians the opportunity to relieve the pressure on ophthalmologists.

2014.01.14 | Administrative, Technical / administrative staff, Health

IT systems on a break 25 of January

On Saturday 25 January, the IT systems and IT services at Aarhus University will be maintained and optimised and you will not be able to access them in a shorter period. As a rule, you cannot carry out work where you need the university’s IT this day.

2014.01.12 | Research, Public/Media, All AU units

Big Data is highly valuable – but we need more research

Big Data can help streamline a company’s production or improve our welfare services. But we cannot make the most of Big Data until we have learned to harness the vast amount of information. This is the conclusion of a new international White Paper based on input from 130 researchers, business professionals and governmental officials. The paper has…

Dale T. Mortensen. Photo: Lars Kruse / AU Communication

2014.01.10 | People news, Technical / administrative staff, All AU units

Obituary for Dale T. Mortensen

Dale T. Mortensen, Professor, Nobel Prize winner and a dear friend of Aarhus University, passed away on 9 January. Read the obituary written by Bent Jesper Christensen and Henning Bunzel.

2014.01.10 | Meeting, All groups, All AU units

UIC Playgroup

The Main Library enjoys offering the PlayGroup a gathering place.

Trucks have large engines with a considerable amount of waste heat. In collaboration with Aarhus University researchers, an East Jutland company has developed a unique energy material that can convert waste heat to electrical energy.
Shown here is the unique energy material developed by TEGnology in collaboration with Aarhus University researchers. The material is based on zinc antimonide and magnesium silicide.

2014.01.14 | Collaboration, All groups, All AU units


It began with collaboration between an entrepreneur and researchers at Aarhus University – and ended with a company in growth that attracts investments worth millions and creates jobs. TEGnology is an East Jutland company that has commercialised the discovery by Aarhus University researchers of a special material that can convert waste heat to…

2014.02.14 | Seminar, All groups, All AU units

Trust - Matchpoints Seminar 2014

The purpose of the conference 22-24 May 2014 is to examine trust and trustworthiness from various academic approaches: Philosophy, psychology, pedagogy, anthropology, sociology, political sciences incl. International Relations, management, theology and religious studies, literature, drama film and drama, history.

2014.02.14 | All groups, All AU units, Aarhus University

Measuring the Invisible - Probing the Dark Universe with New Observational Techniques

In this AIAS seminar, Professor Steen Hannestad will review our current understanding of physical cosmology, and then discuss future observational techniques in cosmology, designed to shed light on Dark Matter and Dark Energy.

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