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2014.03.05 | All groups, All AU units, Aarhus University

Involuntary autobiographical memories: An introduction to the unbidden past

In this IAS Seminar Professor Dorthe Berntsen will focus on involuntary autobiographical memories – that is, memories of past events that come to mind with no preceding conscious search but often in response to situational cues.

AU’s budget is currently being discussed in the relevant liaison committees. On Thursday next week the staff will be informed of the overall consequences of the budget cutbacks on a departmental level.

2014.01.07 | All groups, Health, Administrative

The cost reduction process at AU enters the next phase

Thursday 16 January will be the day when the distribution of the overall budget cutbacks for Health’s departments and SKT is announced. In the days leading up to the 16th the relevant liaison committee will be informed about the budgets. The department heads can first thereafter begin work on the actual cost reduction plans.

2014.03.05 | All groups, All AU units, Aarhus University

Wrestling with Water: A Novel Interface of Ecology and Economy

In this AIAS Seminar Professor Mikael Skou Andersen will take you on a guided tour from the pure theories to the empirical evidence, outlining a consolidated approach to reconcile economy and ecology in water planning and beyond.

2014.03.05 | All groups, All AU units, Aarhus University

Rethinking World Order

In this AIAS Seminar Professor Georg Sørensen will make the claim that the combined effect of developments in world order in general is good news and bad news, mostly the latter.

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