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Iryna Mazhak

2016.08.29 | Academic staff, Health, Health

AIAS Fellows' Seminar: Iryna Mazhak

Social Inequalities in Self-Reported Health in Working-age Population: Evidence from the European Social Survey

2016.08.29 | PhD defense, Academic staff, Department of Clinical Medicine

PhD defense: Mette Skovgaard Christensen

Styrene exposure and cancer risk in reinforced plastics workers - a long-term cohort study

2016.08.29 | PhD defense, Academic staff, Health

PhD defense: Astrid Drivsholm Sloth

Remote Ischaemic Conditioning. Long-term Outcome and Modulating Factors

2016.08.29 | PhD defense, Academic staff, Department of Dentistry

PhD defense: Simple Futarmal Kothari

Pain in human temporomandibular joints: an integrated approach to improve diagnosis and management

Maryam Ardalan

2016.08.29 | PhD defense, Academic staff, Department of Clinical Medicine

PhD defense: Maryam Ardalan

The Influence of Rapid-acting Antidepressants on the Neuronal and Non-neuronal Plasticity of the Hippocampus in a Genetic Rat Model of Depression

2016.08.30 | Administrative, PhD students, All AU units

New classes of mail and changed rates

Post Danmark is merging with PostNord, and has announced a number of changes in this connection. As of 1 September, the domestic mail classes ‘A letters’ and ‘B letters’ will be replaced by ‘letters’ and ‘quick letters’.

2016.09.06 | Administrative, Department of Biomedicine, Health

Topping-out ceremony: Blue sky, yellow safety helmets and red hot dog sausages

The roof construction was not completed, but that did not get in the way of celebrating the advanced stage of the construction of the Skou Building in the proper manner with a topping-out ceremony on Thursday 26 August.

2016.08.26 | Research, All groups, Runsafe

Articles from Sten, Rasmus, Daniel & Mia published in the journal Dansk Sportsmedicin!

Sten Rasmussen presents the article "overuse injuries in running". Rasmus Nielsen presents the article (danish) "Informationen er tilgængelig, den skal bare anvendes...". Daniel Ramskov and Mia Beck Lichtenstein presents the article (danish) "hele det smertefulde aspekt - genoptræning af sportsudøveren".

2016.08.26 | Administrative, Department of Biomedicine, Department of Biomedicine

Newsletter 65 from August 2016

Dear All at Biomedicine Hope you are still enjoying the good weather. Please find latest news:

2016.08.26 | Administrative, Technical / administrative staff, Administration

The university director’s blog: Getting ready for an exciting autumn semester

"Now that the summer holiday is over, it’s time to roll up our sleeves and get started on the work that we need to complete in the coming months," says university director Arnold Boon on his blog.

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