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Head Consultant, PhD Berit Andersen. Photo: Lene Brandstrup Larsen.

2017.05.04 | People news, Academic staff, Department of Clinical Medicine

New AU professor will decode how people act in connection with screenings

Head Consultant Berit Andersen from Aarhus University and Randers Regional Hospital has been appointed Clinical Professor of screening behaviour and organisation of screening programmes.

Betina Elfving

2017.04.28 | Research, Research, All groups

New article in Personality and Mental Health

Betina Elfving and others have just published "The neurobiology of social deficits in female patients with borderline personality disorder: The importance of oxytocin" in Personality and Mental Disorders.

Henriette Nørmølle Buttenschøn

2017.04.28 | Research, Research, All groups

New article in Translational Psychiatry

Henriette Buttenschøn and others have just published "Genetic effects influencing risk for major depressive disorder in China and Europe" in Translational Psychiatry.

2017.04.28 | Conference, Art, culture and media, Academic staff

Landscapes in television drama series

To understand the aesthetic, cultural, political and economic aspects of cinematic landscapes in television drama, we need to develop perspectives across disciplines such as geography, art history, media and creative industries.

2017.04.28 | PhD defense, Health and disease, Public/Media

PhD Defence: Stefan Nygaard Hansen

Time-to-event analysis under time trends or dependent censoring

AU is launching a variety of initiatives to provide better career opportunities to junior research staff. Photo: Lars Kruse, AU Photo

2017.04.28 | Research, Academic staff, All AU units

New initiative will improve career options for junior researchers at AU

Junior researchers (assistant professors and postdocs) on standard and tenure track contracts can now look forward to more career development assistance. This autumn, AU is launching a variety of initiatives to provide better career opportunities to junior research staff both at and outside the university, including opportunities for more career…

The physics and chemistry shows are regular events at the Festival of Research, and true to tradition delivered entertaining and dramatic experiments. Photo: Lars Kruse
Mogens Christensen, an associate professor in chemistry, tells the audience about the fascinating world of magnetism. Photo: Lars Kruse
Mathematics is not just about numbers – and it can also be beautiful. A PhD student demonstrated this using small sculptures. Photo: Lars Kruse
Several children had found their way to the Festival of Research. Photo: Lars Kruse

2017.05.01 | Events, All groups, All AU units

Popular research on the menu

Researchers at Aarhus University went out of their way to make their knowledge appetising for the more than 1,000 members of the public who attended the Festival of Research in Stakladen on Thursday 27 April. Here, visitors could learn more about everything from lamas to life in space.

2017.04.27 | Research, PhD students, Dept Clin Epi

Newsletter from IMI project about Alzheimer’s disease

The IMI project ROADMAP (Real world Outcomes across the AD spectrum for better care: Multi‐modal data Access Platform) has published its first newsletter, announcing – among other things – the launch of a project website. Newsletters will be published every three months, but it is also possible to follow ROADMAP and the researchers behind it on…

2017.04.26 | Conference, Public/Media, External target group

Metric Culture: The Quantified Self and Beyond

By bringing together relevant scholars who are engaged in the study of the social, political, cultural and ethical dimensions of self-tracking practices and related technologies, the conference aims to provide critical insights and nuanced reflections on the way metric culture is unfolding within and affecting the various spheres of our lives, and…

2017.04.26 | Seminar, Technical / administrative staff, Health

Seminar on Innovative Medicines Initiative

The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) is Europe’s largest public-private partnership in life science.

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