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2017.11.23 | Course, Public/Media, External target group

Entrepreneurial training for Junior Researchers

Organised by the Junior Researcher Development Programme and Science for Society

2017.11.23 | PhD defense, Health and disease, Public/Media

PhD defence: Kasper Lisager Jønsson

Innate viral sensing and immune modulation by IFI16 and STING

2017.11.23 | Research, PhD defense, Health and disease

PhD defence: Ellen Marie Høye

Towards clinical implementation of 3D dosimetry for intensity-modulated proton therapy.

2017.11.30 | Education, Health and disease, Public/Media

University managers: We need to educate human beings, not poor search engines

DEBATE: How do we prepare the students to function in a world that is constantly changing? This is the question that the healthcare study programmes should ask themselves, writes Charlotte Ringsted, Lars Bo Nielsen and Per Höllsberg, who are the vice-dean for education, the dean of Health and the director of studies for the medical degree…

In the coming years, Health will continue to work with the students on how they can receive more feedback, which is something they call for in the study environment survey. Photo: Lars Kruse, Aarhus University

2017.11.30 | Education, Administration (Academic), Technical / administrative staff

Health's study programmes are doing well – but there is a small ‘but’

Health's 17 study programmes are generally well-functioning and of high quality. However, work still needs to be done on improving the teaching evaluations. This is shown by this year's degree programme report for Health.

2017.11.30 | Administrative, PhD students, Department of Forensic Medicine

Remember to register your publications in PURE

2017 is coming to an end and it is important to note that your publications need to be registered in PURE on time. AU Library, Health invites you to a local network meeting about deadlines and other practical information. At the meeting, you will receive guidance on reporting and have the chance to ask questions.

Photo: AU Foto

2017.12.06 | Research, PhD students, All AU units

Remember to register publications in PURE

2017 is coming to an end and it is important to note that publications need to be registered in PURE on time.

Photo: Maria Randima Sørensen

2017.11.27 | Administrative, Administration (Academic), All groups

Special initiatives to promote constructive communication at AU

In the coming semester, there will be a special focus on ‘constructive communication’ at Aarhus University. In connection with this campaign, managers, members of liaison committees and the occupational health and safety organisation have been invited to participate in workshops designed to help them lead the way in promoting constructive…

2017.11.22 | Event, Public/Media, External target group

Inauguration of center for electromicrobiology

No one had ever imagined life based on internal electric wires. Center of Electromicrobiology aims to unravel how this unique form of life functions.

2017.11.21 | PhD defense, Health and disease, PhD students

PhD defence: Agnethe Berglund

The epidemiology of females with 46,XY disorders of sex development and males with 46,XX disorders of sex development: a nationwide study.

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